First Trimester…check✔️

Baby Carter & I have survived the first trimester & let me tell y’all it was ROUGH.

How I found out I was pregnant:

So let’s take it back I had this feeling I was pregnant but I’ve never been pregnant before so I obviously didn’t know what that even felt like. I mean I know my body & I felt strange. So one random night Carlin was out walking the dog & I was like I’m just going to do it. The tests always say wait 3 minutes but heck no two lines popped up IMMEDIATELY! I ran out of the house to find Carlin walking Zizou (shoeless btw) & was like “omg we are pregnant”. His smile was huge while I was still in shock. So that’s the short & sweet “how I found out I was pregnant story”.

How I was feeling:

I was pretty much sick every single day from the time we had a positive to test to right now actually lol. Miserable is an understatement being sick everyday is no joke. I just tell myself that the end it will be worth it! Besides being sick I was exhausted for some reason & my life is not busy enough to need mid day naps let me tell you haha. Those were pretty much the two things that I had I know there’s a list of symptoms women go through but sick & tired were mine lol.

My first trimester must haves:

Doterra lavender essential oil.



Preggie pop drops.


Yoga pants.

The coziest blanket I could find + a show to binge on Netflix.

Zizou (my dog) best cuddle partner ever when you’re sick.

An honorable mention is the throw up bags you get from the doctors office. You can also find them on amazon & they actually are still a must have especially in the car! Sounds gross but it’s real life & they are most definitely a necessity for me!

All in all I’m feeling pretty good because I know the end result will be worth it & Baby Carter is already so loved by our family & friends. We can’t wait to see his or her beautiful little face. ❤️

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