DIY – Shoe Bench|Easiest DIY ever!

I saw a video on Facebook & immediately knew I had to make this for my home. If you’re like us you have shoes every where. Carlin has a bad habit of taking them off & leaving them all over the floor lol. He’s not the only guilty one. I do it too! It’s just easier, if you know you’re going to wear them again the next day why not leave them downstairs. Right?! Yes, but there’s a cuter way to leave them lol.

This is the easiest DIY I’ve ever done! I’m not even kidding it is ridiculously easy but I decided to make a blog post anyway because sometimes I forget how I did something or made a recipe so this blog is also for me as much as I like to share things with y’all!

What you need:

  1. 2 – wooden crates. I recommend the crates from Michaels, the ones at Home Depot seemed a lot more thin & flimsy so I highly recommend the ones from a craft store!
  2. 2 – wooden stair treds. These came from Home Depot. They’re super easy to find labeled stair treds & they’re really great quality!
  3. Wood glue.
  4. Paint brushes.
  5. Stain of your choice.
  6. Polycrylic. This isn’t necessary but if you plan on sitting a cup of water or throwing water at the bench then I recommend costing it but it’s all personal preference. We didn’t coat ours!

How to make:

Step one for us was to measure exactly where we wanted the crates to sit on the stair tred. You can totally just eyeball this but we wanted it to look clean & well put together, especially since we were making them for others as well. The measurement again is your personal preference but here is ours. Next we get our the wood glue. Seriously this tutorial can’t get any easier. The hardest part might actually be the measuring lol. Glue the crates to the stair tred & put a weight inside to make sure it’s being held down. Next, glue the top stair tred to the wooden crates & add two more weights on top to make sure it’s all binding together. Now for the fun part (I think). The staining!!! I grabbed a glass of wine & lucky for us it was a nice day out so we were able to hang in the sun & have fun staining our new bench. For Carlin & I these projects our fun things to do together so I’m super anxious for the spring weather to come so we can do more fun things like this! I’ve actually got so many more projects planned that I can’t wait to share!

Here is our finished bench!

Let me know if you make one & share your photos with me! Or if you don’t actually feel like making it & want one made we can totally do it for you because like I said we love DIY projects up in Casa De Carter! We’re currently making one for a good friends mom but I’m going to need it to warm up so I can finish it up for her lol!

Thanks for reading!


Jasmine 💕

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