Spring Home Decor💐

I don’t know about y’all but I’m so ready for spring. The weather, home decor (of course), sitting outside. I’m ready for it all. I decided to do a few spring segments on my blog! I was in Michaels looking for some decor for a project I’m working on with a friend. She gave me the green light to decorate her house however I want. Do you think I’d say no to that?! Heck no! Lol. Anyway, I noticed they had a ton of really cute spring decor items & it’s all 40% off! I took some pics to share some of my favorites with you & my ideas for styling!

I hope you enjoy this post, I love seeing what’s in the stores without having to actually go to the store. It motivates me to get to the store & buy it all hahaha.


Starting with wreaths, Michaels has some really cute ones! I love adding wreaths indoors as well as outside on your front door. One of my favorite ways to use a wreath is taking an antique window & adding a wreath on it in the center. It looks so adorable & adds some more character to the window! These were my favorite wreaths from Michaels!

I loved this one for Easter! You could also lay this flat as a centerpiece with a pretty vase in the center!

I am in LOVE with the pink & peachy floral wreath! Carlin wasn’t a fan or I definitely would have brought this one home. The buckets below the wreath would also make a great planter for any outdoor flowers.

The little bunnies are more for Easter but they are too adorable not to pick up! I think the first one is my fave!

This is more of a farmhouse feel but this antique looking scale is beautiful! I actually picked this up in white for my home. It’s going to look awesome with a fake nest of eggs for Easter!

These ceramic berry baskets are so cute! You can never go wrong with these cuties & they look amazing on the kitchen counter!

Of course the faux floral section of Michaels is amazing! Making centerpieces or wreaths they always have amazing deals on their flowers! I picked some up to put inside of an antique vase that I bought at this shop in Maryland!

Home Goods

Marshall’s, Home Goods & TJ Maxx pretty much have the same decor, but I only had time to go to Home Goods this day. They had so many really cute items I couldn’t get pictures of all of my favorites! Here’s a few though!

I do not need another mug but how cute is the Happy Easter one! & the tea kettle again if Carlin wasn’t with me I probably would have brought that home as well!

For awhile I was really big on buying Rae Dunn pieces so I really wanted to grab this but I refrained! I couldn’t really think of a spot I’d use this in my home but it’s still an awesome piece to serve something on at Easter dinner!

I have a thing for dish towels! Whenever I see a cute one I must buy & there were so many cute ones here! This whole Easter bunny with glasses thing is killing me with all the cuteness!

Also a whole aisle of these adorable Easter pillows!

Lastly, how adorable is this bunny! I can’t even handle it! The mug behind him is shaped like an egg I actually picked up two of those last year! They’re so cute!

These are just a few of the things that caught my eye. Every store is a little bit different but I thought it would be awesome to share! I love taking a look at posts like this to inspire me on what to buy!

Lookout for my next post sharing what I bought & how I styled it all! Thanks for reading!


Jasmine ☕️

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