Carlin + Jasmine

Well, I wasn’t going to do our story because we’ve only been married for two months, but oh well, here it is! We answered these questions pretty quickly.


Carlin + Jasmine

How long have you been married?

2 months lol.

History of your marriage; how you met? Became engaged? 

Carlin – We would see each other in high school but never talked at all. I always thought she was pretty. It wasn’t until after school we started talking via Facebook. She messaged me first. After that we were pretty much inseparable. The engagement was pretty low key I did it at home with just the two of us. We had already been together for 6 years & I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her so I just did it.

Jasmine – Well I remember Carlin back in middle school but I was awkward then so we don’t discuss lol. I remember messaging him on Facebook & we went on a date the same night, we were together everyday since then. We had been talking about getting married for awhile before we actually got engaged. Carlin even showed me a ring he had been paying on lol. Then one day it just happened lol super simple I actually thought he was joking when he asked me lol. Technically I never said yes hahaha.

What is your favorite thing about him/her?

Carlin – I can’t really pick one thing. Her ability to understand me. I feel like we get along so well together, we can be serious & joke all in the same time. I like that she is very adventurous in the kitchen & makes me great food from Pinterest lol. I also love how supportive she is. She always helps me figure things out, she’s just my other half, the ying to my yang.

Jasmine – His sense of humor, he can literally make anyone laugh at any time. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m no laughing with or at him. I love how he is always down for an adventure he’s up for anything at anytime.

What is your most memorable moment together?

Carlin – When we first said I love you, in my moms driveway lol.

Jasmine – Our wedding day because I was so nervous, but as soon as I seen Carlin at the end of the aisle I was at ease.

What is your favorite thing to do together? 

Carlin – Drive in the car, we have some of our deepest conversations when we’re driving.

Jasmine –  I just love doing anything with Carlin, but if I had to pick one I’d say working on a DIY project. It’s always fun watching him take my ideas & make them even better.

What is your biggest piece of advice for a man going into his marriage?

Carlin – Actually listen to your wife because she knows more than you lol. Understand that relationships are compromise never one or the other. When it comes to difficult situations make sure you take the time to understand her views.

Jasmine – I guess I would say listen to her, always tell her how much you love her. Let her know she’s never alone & you have her back in everything. Support her. Also, when she’s craving something off the wall just get it for her, she”ll be forever grateful lol.

What is your biggest piece of advice for a woman going into her marriage? 

Carlin – Listen to him, when you are paying attention to the little things he tells you it means more to him than you think. Even if you feel like it’s useless information.

Jasmine – Support him in all that he does, every new idea he comes up with, every crazy hobby. Let him have his space when he needs it. Listen to him, those few moments when he’s telling you about his day mean the world to him if you actually listen!

What do you think makes a marriage work?

Carlin – Compromise its about the both of you & always being on the same page on things. Also, doing things you don’t always want to do (like go to Target) but you do it because you love them.

Jasmine – Never go to sleep angry, always say I love you. Talk about everything, just the two of you. Don’t involve social media in any relationship issue everything isn’t for everyone.

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