Garrett + Lindsey

Another cute story! From high school sweethearts to married with 3 beautiful kids!

Enjoy! ❤️

Garrett + Lindsey

How long have you been married?

7 years.

History of your marriage; how you met? got engaged?

We knew each other in high school, but were in totally different friend groups. We only crossed paths on one subject; wrestling. I volunteered at mamas & him being a wrestler was there. Fast forward to his senior year & we started talking & exchanged numbers. He left for college & we fell out of touch. My senior year I messaged him & we hit it off. I asked him to my prom & the rest is history. A year & a half later we got married & he left for boot camp & I was four months pregnant.

What is your favorite thing about him?

My favorite thing about him is number one how he adopted my son & took him in as his own. Also, his positivity is off the charts!

What is your most memorable moment together?

We have many memorable moments together. Each state we move to is an adventure, the birth of our children, or our four year anniversary in Jamaica.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

We don’t have many hobbies, but we do have the same views and our open to each others thoughts so we like things we can talk about, like going and experiencing a new culture or discussing conspiracy theories or after life etc.

What is your biggest piece of advice for a man going into his marriage?

My biggest piece of advice is woman are a big bag of emotions, you never know what you are going to get. Work on your toes, show empathy and  compassion, and no matter what she still loves you. These emotions are temporary.

What is your biggest piece of advice for a woman going into her marriage?

My advice got men is do not understand a woman fully, take your time & help him understand. Even if that means explaining it a million different types of ways, not everyone understands things the same.

What do you think makes a marriage work?

Our biggest advice for both is to never go to bed angry, you’re not promised tomorrow so always take the time to make up. Also, Marriages only work if two people are truly committed to each other. It’s not always going to be 50-50, it fluctuates so you have to be flexible. Communication is key, no one can read your mind tell the other person how you feel or what you’re thinking. Try your best to explain, that is your person; through thick & thin for you & with you. You’re on the same team! Also, the best advice we ever received was to not put your business on social media!

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