A real dining room tour.

Okay so let just be real here if you’re like me you follow all of these bloggers that live in beautiful mansions with huge dining rooms that barely look like they’re used…ever. I want my blog to be 100% real & relatable. I live in a cool little townhouse full of decor from various places! Yard sales, Target, West Elm & thrift stores. You name it, we have probably shopped there. We are not picky up in Casa De Carter!

I’m going to give you my real, NOT glamorous but actually lived in & cozy dining room tour. It’s not completely finished, there are definately some things I am wanting to change, but that’s life. We are always moving things around, redecorating and getting bored with the same old stuff. That’s probably why my basement is currently filled with throw pillows. I have found that the simplest ( & cheapest)  way to change the vibe up is throw pillows and blankets! We don’t need either in a dining room so we’ll save that for another post!

We’ll start with the beginning of the dining room, I had an awesome entryway table here and then got bored with it. I switched it up for this 4-cube shelf from Target. All of the decor on the shelf came from Home Goods, minus the random bull head lol, thats from Nordstrom Rack! The mirror is also from Target (of course). This is usually a catch all for our keys and mail and whatever junk Carlin is taking out of his pockets that day!

The dining room table was handmade by a soldier who use to be in my unit, he made a bench to go along with it and we love how it came out. We bought this right before we got married and love having a handmade piece we can eventually pass along to future children! The vase and greenery on the table are from Target as well as the galvanized chairs.

This is my favorite corner of the dining room, we made these shelves one random day theres actually a blog post on it. Mr. Carter came up with the idea to do this little corner and I love it. He’s actually amazing at decorating just another thing to add to the list of reasons why I love him!

The top shelf is full of glassware from West Elm and the Rae Dunn dog treat jar is from Marshalls. The cookbook is from Target.

The bottom shelf has dishware from Target and the floral arrangement is from Home Goods. I wasn’t kidding when I said everything is from all over the place!

The dried eucalyptus and the galvanized holder came from this awesome farmhouse design district in Maryland, highly recommend visiting that place!

This little “buffet” is actually a TV stand from Target, it matched the table and rug perfectly so we decided to put it in here. Its perfect for storage too, we have some extra decor and mugs stored in there currently. The candle sticks are from Hobby Lobby and the floral arrangement is from Home Goods. During the holidays we like to jazz it up but since we’re in that weird stage where Christmas decor is no longer acceptable and its too early for Valentines Day decor we just keep it clean and simple.

The shelf above is another handmade piece and its decorated with various items we just picked up from all over or already had around the house. We keep a frame with the wifi password in there because everyone always needs the wifi password! I’m not in love with this shelf anymore but it’s staying until I figure out what else I want to do for this space!

This picture is from Hobby Lobby, I love the quote on it and I felt like it was the perfect addition to the dining room. It makes the room more welcoming and gives the cozy feel I was going for. Also pretty cheap because there is always a Hobby Lobby coupon floating around!


I think we nailed the cozy vibes we were going for here, a place for family and friends to gather and make memories is exactly what we wanted! Thats what I mean by lived in…we want every room in our home to feel welcoming, like you can come in take your shoes off and get cozy! I’m all about cozy and so is Carlin! I like the clean feel and that everything has its spot. Nothing fancy but its our home and I love Casa De Carter!

So to tell you the truth I typed up this post and was 100% happy with it…I was in a quiet coffee shop completely focused and once I got home I realized everything I typed up was GONE! Here I am trying to redo it all, thats life though I guess. If I forgot to explain where anything was from or you just have a question feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading!



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