men’s holiday gift guide 2017

Yassssss it’s finally that time of year again! The holidays! It’s November 16th, my Christmas tree is up & flourishing & my TV is stuck on the Hallmark channel. I know some of you are like “slow your roll it’s not even Thanksgiving” don’t you worry. I kept the dining room filled with the Thanksgiving decor so we’re all good. PLUS it’s really never to early for some Christmas decorations!

Some of my favorite blog posts to do are gift guides. I love giving gifts but I also know how difficult buying gifts for picky significant others can be πŸ˜’ ahem Carlin. I decided this year I’ll start early & put together a post before Black Friday so you can all go out & get some of these items hopefully (fingers crossed) on sale. I’ve put together ten of my favorite gifts for men today. Some of these I’m actually purchasing or have already purchased for Carlin. He also helped out with this one because who knows what a man wants better than a man!

I’ll put the links of the items or similar items below!

  • Apple Watch – Carlin is obsessed with his so I had to add this to the list. If your guy already has an Apple Watch a watch band would be awesome! I linked Carlins favorite band HERE!
  • Drip Coffee Maker – this is on any true coffee lovers list I mean it’s definitely on mine this year! I linked my favorite HERE but Amazon has them as well!
  • Sunglasses – such a classic gift linked HERE! Definitely don’t have to go with this style, sunglasses hut has a million to choose from.
  • Dress Shoes – I love these on Carlin imagine a gray or navy suit with these awesome shoes linked HERE! Target has a similar pair for so much cheaper linked HERE!
  • Shave Oil – always wanna throw a little luxury in your guys stocking or under the tree. A good shave oil or shaving kit is always needed! This Tom Ford Shave Oil is amazing! Linked HERE!
  • Yeti – for the coffee lover Yetis make amazing gifts. There’s so many sizes & color options to choose from too! Linked HERE!
  • Sneakers – I love love love these sneak peek for the ladies post these are definitely making their way on that list! So comfortable but also really cute! I’ve linked them HERE there’s a few other color options but the gray are my favorite!
  • Socks – okay so there is no link to the socks because you can find a good pair of socks pretty much anywhere. Literally the only way I can convince Carlin to come to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx is if I bribe him with some socks πŸ˜‚ I definitely recommend those stores as well as American Eagle, their sock collection can be pretty cool around the holidays.
  • Wallet – I linked this beautiful monogrammed wallet HERE I feel like a simple personalized gift always goes a long way! I know Carlin really loves the gifts I add a little personalization too!
  • Record Player – we have a record player & love it so much. There’s nothing like putting on a record during a chilly evening it somehow makes things feel so cozy! You can find these everywhere since they are making their way back. Yard sales being a good place to start! I linked one of my favorites HERE!

I hope you all enjoyed this first gift guide! Let me know your favorite item from my list! Thank you so much for checking it out & hopefully I made your shopping just a tad easier this year!


Jasmine πŸ’•

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