October reads. 

I recently had annual training & surprisingly had plenty of time to read some books. My goal is to at least read one a month but that doesn’t always happen with my busy schedule at the moment. I ended up finishing these two so I’m going to share them with you! 

  1. Behind Closed Doors – B.A. Paris

This novel is about a couple who live a seemingly perfect life…from the outside. Friends become a little suspicious when they realize things like Grace can never meet for coffee or hold up to lunch plans. She doesn’t own a cell phone & her email address is her husbands. She carries a completely empty purse. & why their beautiful home in their nice neighborhood  is covered with security shutters as if they’re in prison. Graces only friends are her husbands so they just write it off as newlyweds who are just hopelessly in love with each other. After all they have only known each other for six months. Grace is the guardian of her 17 year old sister, Millie. Millie has Down syndrome & is living in an all-girls school until she turns 18. What drew Jack to Grace was how she cared for Millie & knowing she would do absolutely anything for Millie was perfect for him. After the wedding the perfect persona that Jack was leading completely changes & once they arrive in Thailand for the honeymoon Grace realizes she might have just made the biggest mistake in not only her life but Millie’s as well…

I would give this a 3/5 stars. This book kept me on my toes & it was very good. I was just bit dissappointed in how it just ended & how it jumped from past too present the entire read. But other than that I still recommend you read it! I finished in two days. This book was picked in the Target Book Club which is what drew me to it in the beginning. I’m always down for anything Target recommends lol. 

    2.  Any Dream Will Do – Debbie Macomber

This is such a beautiful story of forgiveness & change. It shows how you can find love in unexpected people & places. This one is about a woman named Shay who had a bit of a rough upbringing. Her younger brother who is her only family left asks her to do something illegal & she ends up in prison for three years. Once she gets out she’s left homeless & jobless & with no one to call for help. She finds herself in a church a place she is not familiar with at all. What Shay doesn’t know is the day she walked into that church she not only saved herself but someone else as well. The pastor Drew lost his wife a few years ago & was on the verge of losing his church as well. He has two younger children that also need him & depression was getting the best of him. Drew introduces Shay to a program that helps woman get on their feet. They get counseling, jobs & a home for a year. Once the year is up they are helped on the outside as well. Shay & Drew build an amazing friendship & his two children take a liking to her as well. There’s so much more to this story I don’t want to go to much into detail because you just need to read for yourselves! 

I gave this a 4/5 honestly because a 5/5 is really just Harry Potter lol jk. I really really loved this one. It was so well written & I was completely stuck in the book. Couldn’t put it down, annoyed when someone interrupted me kind of stuck. I’ll admit it was a bit predictable but it was such a perfect fall read. Cozy up & get lost in this love story! What I liked about this story was how real it was. Shay was a woman from the wrong side of the tracks who falls in love with a pastor. It was just so beautifully written. I highly highly recommend this one! 

Thanks for reading this post! If you read these books let me know what you think! Also, send me some book recommendations of your own. I love reading & building my library! Especially during fall & winter. Nothing like getting cozy with a good book & cup of coffee. Or wine! 


Jasmine ☕️

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