diy – FAKE fall floral bouquet 

I am horrible at keeping plants alive. Carlin jokes that our home is where plants go to die. So embarrassing, but true. I can’t keep anything alive to save my life. I know what someone will say “try succulents or cacti” been there, killed them too. They don’t even need that much care! 🤦🏽‍♀️ 

The sad thing is I love the way a huge bouquet looks! It breaks my heart when Carlin buys me flowers & they don’t last long at all. So recently I decided to just make my own with fake flowers. Lucky for me a Hobby Lobby opened up right down the street from my house & they ALWAYS have sales on the floral department! Plus there’s always a 40% off coupon somewhere on the internet. 

This post will probably be pointless to you professional floral people. But for me I needed some inspiration & a little help when making mine! 

What you need:

  1. Flowers of your choice 
  2. Greenery
  3. Pumpkins or something fall related
  4. Vase
  5. Floral foam (optional) 

What I recommend doing is putting the arrangement together in store. I spent a good 20 minutes in the flower aisle arranging & rearranging my arrangement lol. I held it in my hand repositioned it all that jazz lol. 

This is the simplest DIY on the internet…

Put your arrangement together, cut the flowers not make sure they fit perfectly in your vase & you’re good to go! The floral foam is optional because depending on the amount of flowers you are trying to fit into your vase it may not be needed. 

Here’s mine I’m in love with it. It looks perfect with my decor. I was originally going to use it to add some fall decor into the office but I thought it would look awesome on this table in my dining room. 

Make some floral arrangements of your own & share them with me! I’d love to see them! I’m actually making one for my mom now & I’m super excited to start making some Christmas arrangements! 

Jasmine 💕

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