ramblings on wedding planning…

Man oh man. Wedding planning is roughhhhh. I mean the actual planning part honestly isn’t too bad if you know what you want. Knowing exactly what you want & feeling the need to please the guests is where the problems come along. 

I feel like people who have never planned a wedding don’t exactly understand how this works. One thing I can tell you is they’re NOT cheap. I mean I’m sure they can be let me preface with that. However, things do add up. We can’t just add every Joe we’ve ever interacted with to the guest list. It does not work that way, not at all. Don’t get me wrong I wish we could invite everyone! We have a list of guests that we’d love to attend but already reached our max. So that’s an issue in itself. 

Let me also tell you how difficult picking a cake flavor was! So difficult that I highly recommend going with cupcakes because you don’t have to pick just one flavor. Like who came up with some up these options?! They sound weird & then you taste & you’re like okay I need that! Or maybe that’s just us 🤔 I’m not sure but as titled these are my thoughts on wedding planning & cake choices were hard! 

Guest list/plus one. If I could rethink this I would say no plus ones unless you’re married. I think that would make life much easier lol. It sounds unfair but if you think about it. The bride, groom & their parents are spending thousands of dollars for people they love & care about to come enjoy a night with them. The reason you’re there is for them. It’s the one night we kinda get to have big heads & think it’s all about us lol (I mean it is lol). So everyone you’ve invited shouldn’t really be worried about who they’re bringing they should just be happy to spend it with your friends and family. Again, my opinion. 

I think picking the venue, DJ & caterer were the easiest part of all of this. 

Another thing I’ll add in is if both the bride & the groom are procrastinators, invest in a wedding planner. Or maybe a really organized family member or two who doesn’t mind helping you out. That’s another tough thing. Staying on track of everything because the list of things to do is LONG! I would get so excited that I checked one thing off my list I’d be too busy celebrating it to realize I missed a deadline on another thing 🤦🏽‍♀️. Like sending out my invitations on time hahaha. 

In the end it all works out though & nothing else matters because I know in 39 days I’m marrying my best friend & even if we couldn’t please the entire guest list, we’ll be pleased and spending an evening with everyone who loves us & has watched us on our journey the past 8 years will be happy too! 

I can’t wait to spend this evening with family & friends. I’ll say right now my favorite part is getting the rsvp cards back! It’s so much fun reading the song choices people wrote down lol. 

Jasmine ☕️

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