Top 5 Favorite Amazon Bathing Suits! 

Hey y’all it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, I know. I was recently on amazon searching for bathing suits because we’re going down to the beach for a week for our friends wedding. I have zero bathing suits at the moment and Amazon Prime has become my favorite thing to peruse daily. The deals of the day section is on point, full of things I don’t really need but somehow find myself buying. 
On to the important part of this post I’m keeping it short & sweet I found way more than five bathing suits that I liked but these are the ones I narrowed it down to! 

Link 💕





The first & last are my absolute FAVES! I can’t wait to get the green one in the mail! If you do happen to order let me know your favorite! They’re so flattering for any body type which is what I love! Now I’m even more excited for the beach!! I love summer! 😍👙
Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share your favorite Amazon scores whether it’s bathing suits or anything else, we are obsessed with Amazon in my house! 

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