Grove Collaborative 

If you are my friend on Facebook you recently seen a post where I mentioned having cleaning supplies sent to your home. I recently signed up for Grove Collaborative which is a company that carries some of the best natural household brands & ships them directly to your home monthly or whenever you decide to place an order. I don’t know about y’all but I’m all about using the eco friendly & natural cleaning supplies. Especially, with having a dog around the house. Many of you have pets & children so why not think about the items you are using to clean your home! Are they really safe?

Grove Collaborative is really awesome because if you sign up for the VIP package you get free gifts 5 times per year! This month I received a free dish liquid & a countertop cleaner, both smell AMAZING. They offer products from brands such as Seventh Generation, Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers (my personal fave the basil scent is the bomb!) & more! 

I mean check out these ingredients! That “made without” column really made me rethink what products I was using previously. I don’t want formaldehyde up in my home! 

The VIP program is really cool, you never pay shipping fees for your orders no matter what the size! You can check out the website to sign up for the trial VIP plan if you’re not completely sure yet, but I promise you it’s awesome! You also have the ability to skip a shipment which is nice because living in a two person household we don’t always run out of things as fast as a bigger household does! You don’t pay a fee to join the program either which is great & the cost of the items is lower than what you’d pay at a grocery store or Target & we all know I love me some Target! Method products for $3 with free shipping!! Heck yes, sign me up! 🙌🏽 

This was my first order, the Caldrea items were both FREE & the rest I spend less that $20 for I mean how can you pass this up?! 

I highly highly recommend at least browsing the site & comparing prices with some of the places you frequently shop but also comparing the ingredients on the labels with some of the household cleaning supplies you’re currently using. Just because it costs a little less does not mean it’s better for you. Switching out some of those harsh chemicals can really benefit you & your family in the long run! 

If you’re interested you can sign up with this link & get $10 off your first order!
**I am not sponsored by Grove Collaborative, this is my honest opinion of the company! Thanks for reading!**

-Jasmine 💕

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