Dining Room Table Redo. 

So we’ve had this table for awhile. It was in my moms house & once we got our first place she gave it to us. We have wanted to redo it since we got it but never got around to it. In the condo we didn’t have as much space for little projects. We were in Home Depot picking paint for our cabinets (another project we’re working on lol, blog post later) & decided it would be cool if we painted the table the same color! 

Here’s a before of the table. With a little photo bomb from Zizou lol. 

This was actually a super easy project! We started by sanding the whole table down. We completely stripped the top because we aren’t going to paint that. We’re going to stain it. ​

Once the table is completely sanded down make sure to wipe it clean. We use a tiny bit of all purpose spray & a microfiber towel & wiped it all off. We didn’t want any dust interfering with the painting. Also, we used an electric hand sander by black & decker it got the job done super quick! 

For the paint part we got one of these kits from Home Depot. It was $15 & came with a few brushes & rollers. We only needed to use the small roller & one brush for only the corners. The little edges the roller wouldn’t cover is where we used the brush & I made sure to get all of those corners prior to using the roller. It made it look smoother. 

For paint we chose the color Polar Bear. This is a paint & primer all in one so it saves the step of priming separately. 

We went ahead & did one coat of paint first & took a tactical pause to run errands & of course hit up Target while waiting for it to dry lol. 

It took forever to choose a stain. We’re planning on redoing the hardwood floors in the house so we decided to go with a stain that would look good with the floors we already have picked out lol. We went with a classic gray color. We’re obviously obsessed with gray & white decor lol. 

The table looks AMAZING! I love it. Now onto the chairs which might take a little longer to do then I’d like to admit lol. Good thing Casa de Carter is filled with bar stools everywhere lol. 

Thanks for checking out this post! Show me some of your furniture redos! I love checking out different projects for inspiration in my own home! 

-Jasmine 💕

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