Year of You. 

This morning I was going through my usual routine coffee, puppy cuddles, chatting with Carlin & getting ready for work. I was looking out the window, just reflecting as I often catch myself doing lol. Or dazing, daydreaming…still sleeping just with my eyes open hahaha. Whatever you wanna call it. I instantly got a blog post idea though! 

Why do I waste time worrying about people who don’t worry about me? For instance, with our wedding the guest list has been hands down the hardest part of it all. I’ve got family I could probably go years without speaking to & they wouldn’t even notice, so do I invite them? Do I make room for them to celebrate our special day? Is it going to bother me years from now that they weren’t there? These are questions Carlin throws out whenever I’m skeptical about a guest. It’s so hard though, I don’t like to make people mad. But this really is the one day that’s all about us. The one day we can be selfish. I shouldn’t have to feel bad that I’m choosing not to spend money to have someone I haven’t spoken to all year long, has maybe met my significant other once or twice & could care less about me or Carlin at our wedding. That all leads me into this new thing called Year of You. 

I’ve been following this whole #yearofyou thing & it’s actually amazing! It makes you take time to think about yourself for a change. I’m more worried about upsetting someone else instead of my own feelings. That’s gotta stop & I know I’m not the only one who does this at times lol. It’s only February so there’s still so much time left to make 2017 about you. Make it your selfish year. Love yourself first. 

That’s what I’m doing, this year is about me. I’m sorry (not sorry) in advance for anyone who is offended along the way. I’m genuinely so happy! Especially with the people in my life now. I’ve made some amazing friends & they’re closer than some family I’ve known all my life. It’s crazy when your friends know you better than your family lol. I wouldn’t trade it though. I’ve already accomplished so much in my life & the people that have been there for every prom, graduation, military accomplishment, new job ventures, new home, engagement I could go on but I think I’ll stop now lol. I appreciate you all. When I say it’s my selfish year I don’t mean it in a negative way. I’m not necessarily changing in a bad way. Year of you is more about being comfortable alone. Taking yourself on dates. Go to a coffee shop alone. Go to a restaurant alone. Things I normally would not do. A. Because I’m connected to Carlin 😂 & B. Because we’re kind of molded to think if you’re alone you’re a loser lol. No joke though do you remember in school when you’d see someone alone at lunch or in the hallways you immediately thought negative. They don’t have any friends they must be weird. Anything like that. People still make those assumptions. But you know what they say when we assume lol… 

I posted this book on my Facebook page & I highly recommend it! If you’re looking into year of you this is a great start! 

Seriously though take yourself out on a date. That’s what I’m challenging all of you who read this to do. Whether it’s a trip to a coffee shop, a nice dinner or a walk in the park alone. Do it. Think about what #yearofyou means to you & how you’re going to take this year to love yourself, put yourself first & focus on you. That doesn’t mean become self centered & selfish now lol. Think of it as treating yourself the way you treat everyone else. Go out of the way for yourself every once in awhile. It feels great, trust me. 

-Jasmine 💕

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