Sunday in Home Decor Heaven. 

So there’s this hidden gem literally HIDDEN in a small town in Maryland. I promise if you blink you’ll miss it that’s how hidden it is lol. It’s called the Farmhouse Design District in Fallston, Maryland. I’m going to leave all this information at the end of this post! It is amazing! My friend Sam from the blog Sam After Coffee (check out her blog it’s so good! She’s an interior designer so her tips are awesome!) has been raving about it for awhile. Her & her fiancé love going so I thought it would be nice to take Carlin with since decorating our home is something we love doing together! Just as much as you all think I’m obsessed with home decor, homeboy is too! He actually started finding things for his mancave before I even picked anything up! I can’t wait to see how he fits them in down there. 

If you plan on going make a day out of it. There are 3 different buildings two of them look like actual buildings while the one looks like a house lol. 

The one that looks like a house is where we went last. There’s four floors in this place & a TON to look at. We went through all four & then double checked on our way back down because you can definately miss things if you aren’t really taking the time to look. Rooms are filled with so much stuff whether it’s handmade, antiques or my personal favorite the Magnolia Home Collection lol. 

The prices were pretty reasonable. I mean, if you’re looking to buy a farmhouse table be prepared to spend between $500-$2000. There were plenty very reasonably priced items though. Carlins currently working on a DIY shelf bar & found the perfect wood blanks for super cheap here. 

You can check out the Farmhouse Design District on Facebook & also on Instagram! Go give both a like & follow! They’re awesome!

Farmhouse Design District 

1010 Main Street

Fallston, Maryland

(410) 652-7901

Below are some of the pictures I took while shopping around. To be 100% honest I was way too excited to be looking around so I didn’t get as many as I originally wanted but there’s still a lot of cool things here!

Let me know what y’all think of this place! Should we all just make a road trip & go again! Lol. Don’t forget to check out Sams Blog & all the pages I’ve linked in this post! 

Thanks for reading & enjoy the photos! 💕

These candles smelled A M A Z I N G!! 

I ended up purchasing that Hello Deer sign lol! It was so cute!

I I fell in love with the way they used a tree branch over this window! It’s such a cool idea for a rustic feel in any room! 

There were literally a million coffee related signs. Y’all know I was all about the coffee things hahahaha. This one was my favorite & I totally forgot to grab it when we were leaving! 

Another item I’m regretting not purchasing but that just means I have to go back lol. This would be super cute in Carlins mancave! So I’m definately grabbing that when we go back!

& yes of course there was a Magnolia Home section!!! Carlin & Eric talked Sam & I out of buying everything we picked up from this section. As much as they loved this place too we decided we’re leaving them home next time & stealing Eric’s truck lol. If we go without them I’m sure we’re going to need a truck to bring everything home 😂

We had to squeeze into the back of the truck with all of our items lol. It was so worth the tight ride home haha. Although, Sam & I couldn’t see each other in the backseat. I give this place a 10/10 for sure! I highly recommend you make a trip to Fallston, MD & check it out! 

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