Ways to make your home so cozy you never want to leave. 

That title is not a joke. Today on the blog I’m going to share with you how I make my home feel so cozy that I literally never want to leave, not kidding about the never wanting to leave part of this lol. I’m just going to warn you doing any or all of these may cause you to be a homebody lol. 

  1. Candles – we’ll start with the most simple & in my opinion obvious one. Changes the whole vibe when you light a candle & the scent fills up the whole room! For instance, the other day I lit this candle that smelled just like the beach & put on a John Mayer playlist…it was so relaxing! You can pick scents that match your mood like clearly I wanted to be at the beach in the middle of the winter wonderland we had going on lol. 
  2. Throw blankets/pillows – I find myself buying new throw blankets ALL THE TIME! I can’t help myself, when you walk into a living room & there’s a cute throw folded over the couch it makes you want to cuddle up with your friends dog. Trust me, this actually happens lol. Throw pillows are the same way! Pillows on the couch just add that little touch that you need & the more pillows you have the cozier it looks! 
  3. Salt Lamps – not only do they have amazing health benefits they look super cute as decor too! We have a few throughout our home & I love the way they look!
  4. Plants – succulents & cacti are my favorite to have around the house! They’re the easiest plants to take care of because they don’t require a lot of attention. Water them every few weeks & they stay beautiful. Plus they just add a cute touch to a desk, shelf or even window. We have cacti on our kitchen window & it looks so cute! 
  5. Photographs – fill your home with photographs of friends, family, pets & even beautiful scenery! Frames in different sizes & colors create a nice gallery wall. Even using free printables from the internet can add a nice touch to any room! 
  6. Shelves – this is one of my favorites, we love using shelving in our home! We can change out the decor with each season or holiday or keep it simple! I recently decorated these shelves in our guest room:a few plants, pictures & some of my vintage cameras made such a nice touch to the room! 
  7. Coffee table books & magazines – these are a must, there’s nothing like a cool book as a conversation piece on the table. My table is currently full of wedding magazines but we’ve picked up some awesome coffee table books from local book stores that look great! 
  8. Add in a really cute puppy too! That makes it really hard to leave home! 

Last but definately not least lots & lots of coffee & wine options! Being able to offer your guests a cup of coffee or glass of wine when they come over makes them feel so at home! We recently had guests over & I wish I would have counted the number of times we all used the word cozy lol. It seriously makes you feel so good when your friends don’t want to leave because they’re so relaxed! There was no better way to nurse our hangovers from the night before than coffee & movies on the couch with candles lit. It was just really…COZY! 

Thanks for checking out my blog! Let me know some of your favorite cozy touches to add to your home! Subscribe to keep up with my posts! 

-Jasmine ☕️

2 thoughts on “Ways to make your home so cozy you never want to leave. 

  1. marvelousmediocre says:

    Love your frame with the Wifi information, great idea! I am obsessed with throw blankets and pillows as well. I also like the use of rugs. I recently bought a new one for our living room and it made the space feel so much warmer and pulled together.

    Liked by 1 person

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