two zero one six 

What. A. Year. 

I’ve seen so many posts on facebook about 2016 being the worst year yet & they can’t wait until it’s over. For me, it’s the opposite. 2016 was pretty darn good to me. I learned a lot about myself, made a few mistakes, learned I need my mom a lot more than I’d like to admit lol, lost quite a few friends & so much more. 

I think the part about this year that may have affected me the most was losing friends, but by the end of the year I finally realized it was for the better. There’s a saying about surrounding yourself with likeminded people, I’ll keep it short & sweet & say I lost those people for a reason…Losing meant gaining & I will say this year I gained some great friends! Friendships that I can’t believe I went this long without lol. So all is good there. You live & you learn & I wish anyone who has ever been apart of my life the best in everything. 

We also bought our first home this year! That was pretty cool. I mean the process wasn’t cool at all & that was one of the mistakes we might have made. Carlin & I tend to think we can do everything on our own because we’re adults lol. We’re wrong. This year I learned you’ll always need your mother haha. I asked her so many questions this year I think Carlin was ready to throw my phone away. I even needed to call to make sure I should hang a picture in a certain spot lol. Back to buying the home, we went about the process all on our own & we learned a great lesson. It all happened for a reason & we were able to prevent a few friends from making the same mistakes we did which is nice! In the end everything is great & we love our home! I spend at least 3 days a week in target buying home decor so if you’re ever looking for me…check target first lol. 

I also started a new job this year & man am I excited about that. Still! I’m excited to be in a position where my opinion matters, & I actually like going to work! I’m grateful for the company & the amazing people I met & all the great plans we have for the next year! 

Although, I got engaged at the end of 2015 I count that in 2016 too because my excitement hasn’t left & whenever I look at my hand I feel the way I did when it all happened. It truly was one of the best days of my life. With engagements comes wedding planning though so that happened this year & let me tell you wedding planning is rough lol. Pick your wedding party wisely! Set a budget! Have an organized & non procrastinating person help you! Also, have fun! You (hopefully) only plan a wedding once!

Here’s another thing I learned this year; to be more understanding. I wasn’t a selfish person but I tended to shrug other people’s problems off because I felt I didn’t want to deal with them. Sometimes just sending the how are you text means the world to someone because they really aren’t okay. Sometimes just being the listening ear on the other end of the phone is all someone needs. I definately learned that this year & I’m grateful for that.  

Family was a big thing this year! I’m so grateful for my family & the family I get to marry into in 2017. I must say Carlin & I are very lucky people with all the love we’re surrounded by. Family isn’t always just blood though. We have friends that turned into family & that’s something we’re both forever grateful for. I learned that with having older girl cousins they become like big sisters you never had & you might bug them like little sisters they never wanted lol (sorry Stace 😊) I’m gaining a few new aunts, uncles & a whole lot of cousins & they’re all amazing! 

With family comes arguments because that happens in any relationship so I learned something about myself I don’t want to take into the next year & that’s holding grudges. I learned it’s okay to be the first to apologize it doesn’t mean you’re weaker than the other person, but it also doesn’t mean you’re stronger than them either. Forgiveness was another biggie this year & by the end of 2016 I think I’m going into this next year with a forgiving heart, something that was definately one of my flaws. It’s all good we all have flaws lol. 

This is one of my longer posts so I hope I kept you all interested. Wait, that’s another thing I learned this year is blogging ain’t easy lol & hopefully I can get on a better schedule here soon! Anyway, to sum it all up I loved 2016 but I’m ready for the fresh, clean start a new year brings in. No new year, new me over here. I’m going into the new year as the same person just a little smarter, wiser & more forgiving. I hope everyone has an amazing new year & thanks for making it to the end of this post, I know it was a long one lol! 


One thought on “two zero one six 

  1. Wendelin Weaver-Carter says:

    Jazzy, I enjoyed reading your 2016’…I can see you have matured and grown…I’m very proud of you! It’s my hope that both you as my future daughter in law and my son
    will both realize that it’s perfectly healthy and ok to not know everything…For not even parents and older adults know all things…It’s mature to ask for help and guidance…Love U!
    Mom Wendelin


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