Coffee Bar – Christmas Edition ☕️🎄

Hey! I know it’s been awhile. I was at a three week training and had NO time for anything…but I’m back! I know I said I’d have a coffee bar for Fall post butttttt Christmas is even better! 

As you all already know I’m obsessed with coffee, every morning Carlin walks the dog and I make the coffee it’s just our little routine. I originally had my coffee maker on my counter nothing pretty but I figured why not make it a staple in my dining room! So we purchased a 6-cube shelf unit thingy I’ll link it here from Target! As you’ll begin to notice once I show more pictures of our home we love this shelf lol. We actually just purchased one last night to make a “bar” for the basement. That’s for a later post though stay tuned 😉. 

I like to keep things simple, I’m not flashy and I don’t like to go overboard on any of my decor. You might like more or maybe even less but I just thought I’d share my favorite spot in the house…besides the couch with a glass of wine lol. 

Pretty much all of the decor on the top shelf came from the Target Dollar Spot! The “merry” mug is from the Rae Dunn Clay collection you can find at Marshalls, TJ Max & Home Goods. The “Oh Deer” napkins are Home Goods. Everything else good old Target lol. 

The glitter reindeer I made myself two years ago. I Found a cardboard reindeer at Michaels & covered it in glue & made quite the mess in the living room with gold glitter but it was worth it lol. 

The top left cube is where we keep all the tea and the electric tea kettle. Bottom left is an espresso maker. Mugs are all Rae Dunn lol & the santa bag came from Target! 

We decided to make a Hot Cocoa section because with winter comes hot cocoa! The peppermint sticks make it so much better! I also use those in coffee sometimes. 

I love the way the coffee bar turned out. Simple, yet festive! I hope this quick little post gave you some inspiration. All my coffee lovers need a coffee bar! If you have a coffee bar in your home I’d love to see it! 

Thanks for reading! 


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