Why making time for yourself is important. 

I live for my cozy Saturday mornings, when Carlin is at work and the puppy and I get to be extremely lazy for an extra hour or two. They are my favorite days of the week. I think it’s so important to have those moments in the morning to just chill. If I could do it every morning before work I totally would but I don’t have the energy to wake up that extra hour lol. I’m working on it though.

Making “me time” is extremely important, whether you’re a college student, stay at home mom or like me a regular working woman who sometimes just needs a break lol. A few things I like to do that are so simple, yet so relaxing are:

  1. Take a bath – bath bombs are seriously amazing and so relaxing.
  2. Read a book – I’m currently reading The Magnolia Story and I am so into it! I mean, I’m completely obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines so I didn’t expect any less from their book.
  3. Have a glass of wine – sometimes you just need that glass after work.
  4. In home Spa night – giving yourself a manicure and pedicure and a facial is so calming in the evening, a few nights a week of pampering yourself is definitely necessary.
  5. Running – this one is new to me, I actually despise running lol. I have recently been going on runs in the evening or right after work and realizing how nice it is. Sometimes, I take the dog or go alone or even with another girl friend, it’s just a nice time to clear your head and exercise at the same time.

These are just a few things that I like to do, blogging has become number one on my list of me time activities. Being able to just grab my computer and just type whatever I’m feeling or in the mood to at the moment is nice. That is what inspired this post actually, I woke up and Carlin had already made me coffee before heading out, I grabbed my book and just cuddled in bed for an extra hour. Sipping my coffee and working on my computer with the cutest puppy in front of me. Life was all good in that moment. Just reflecting on things and preparing myself for the week ahead. I snapped this photo this morning. How cozy does this look?! I mean hashtag goals right?! I’m kidding lol, I think we established in a previous post how much I hate that hashtag lol.img_3146

I’m sure what is considered “me time” for me, may not be what you prefer. Everyone is different. BUT I’m sure we all can agree we need to make time for ourselves. Even if it’s locking yourself in the bathroom for five minutes, sometimes you take what you can get lol. I feel like if I don’t take these few moments for me my mood is affected. It’s not a crime to want some time alone! It’s actually key in keeping your sanity sometimes lol. Going to the mall alone, even the movies! Sitting in your room with a candle lit in the dark. It’s totally OKAY to need your space from people. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad because your idea of a fun night is home alone in your pjs. That’s my idea of a good time too girl! 💁🏽

I hope this post was somewhat helpful?! Leave me your favorite ways to relax! Also, I know I said the coffee bar decor was the next post I promise it’s coming! I’m just trying to get it pretty before I post it lol.






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