Why you should definitely pick that piece of furniture up on the side of the road! 

So let me start out by saying I am absolutely, completely,  100% OBSESSED with this desk! The final result was better than I could have imagined! Recently my cousin decided he was going to clean out his house no fun for them, but a ton for Carlin and I lol! They gave us a dresser and this old desk. We worked on the dressers right away because they were super easy. Some paint and new knobs and they were good to go! The desk however was definitely not as easy! Unfortunately, I don’t have an original picture. I honestly thought we were going to paint the whole thing white and change the knobs like we normally do (we have a thing for white furniture lol). Once Carlin started sanding is when he completely changed his vision and I fell in love with his idea! 

It started out like this; imagine changing your mind a few times and just re-painting on top of each color every time lol. That’s what we were working with. A LOT of scraping and sanding. The project took a bit longer than originally planned because Carlin would get sick of sanding and sanding is not my thing. I hate it lol. I mean, obviously I do it lol because I love the end result and redoing the furniture is something we love to do together. I prefer setting it up and decorating it in the end, you know gotta Instagram it or it didn’t happen right? Lol. 

Seriously though this took a lot of sanding and scraping and a couple cans of paint thinner to make it happen. I’ll list the products and tools below! We decided to use a saw and cut out the drawer where the seat goes. With the drawer in Carlins legs didn’t fit comfortably under the desk lol. 

Once all the paint was off it was pretty easy from there. Sanding it down to a smooth finish and painting a few coats of white on the entire desk except the top and the drawers and putting a clear coat on top of the sanded parts. 

The original hardware was similar very antique looking so it didn’t necessarily go with the direction we were heading in. So we went straight to Home Depot and found some awesome ones for about $5 a piece. As much as we live in Target we equally live in Home Depot. Since we’ve become homeowners we’ve both become addicted to that store lol. 

Here is all we used to create this masterpiece!

Everything is pretty decently priced and we didn’t use it all so we have lots leftover for the next project in Casa De Carter! Seriously OBSESSED with our home 😍. I can’t wait to share more decor pictures on the blog! We just made a mini coffee bar that I’ll be sharing how to style for each season so stay tuned! 

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2 thoughts on “Why you should definitely pick that piece of furniture up on the side of the road! 

  1. marvelousmediocre says:

    These are the type of pieces you’ll treasure forever. When I was younger my dad picked up an old desk from the side of the road and did a beautiful job refinishing it. I had the desk all through high school and when I got my first college apartment the desk came with me. Now the old desk from the side of the road has become a family heirloom and is in my daughters bedroom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • coffeecupsnmessybuns says:

      I agree! I love this old desk we refinished & I can see it going through our family once we decide to start one lol.


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