Proverbs 22:6. 

Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are older they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 

I don’t even know where to begin with this post to be honest. I’m sure it might be all over the place but that’s okay it will probably come together at some point lol. Let me explain what this is about first. I don’t wanna call it a testimony but I guess you kind of can. 

This week Carlin bought me a bible, and it’s seriously amazing the feeling that overcame me when I opened up the package. This bible is so beautiful and so special to me. As soon as I opened it I knew it was time to get back in touch with my faith. Background story; I grew up in church. My mom always made sure we were in Sunday school, vacation bible school, the choir and even the church basketball team. At such a young age I was exposed to God. If I wasn’t going to church with my mom, I was with my Aunt Jennifer at her church it was a total different dynamic than my moms but I always loved going. I remember singing a solo with the pastor of my church, he played the piano while I sang (I couldn’t sing to save my soul now though lol) Pastor East was amazing. I also remember sitting in the back pew with my Aunt Velna she liked to chat lol. I have so many memories growing up in the church. My mom got very close with another pastor of our church they became her spiritual parents, they’re amazing people, he’s actually going to marry Carlin & I. We call them “mom-mom” and “pop-pop” they’ve become another set of grandparents to my siblings & I. I remember after church all the youth would pile behind their car because they kept fruit roll ups in their trunk for us after service lol. When he was preaching I’m almost certain the whole neighborhood could feel it! They’re amazing people that I’m so fortunate to still have in my life. I’m forever grateful for my mom for instilling the word in us at such a young age and all of those people mentioned above. They may not know it but those memories in the church have always stuck with me. 

Fast forward a bit to when my mom decided to relocate us to Harrisburg, we found another church home. I was in my early teens at this time, the youth group was always fun. Even though my mom was a youth leader and all my friends thought she was the coolest thing walking 🙄 lol. I don’t really remember much about the services at this church the way I do the one from my hometown. I guess they never really left a lasting impression on me. Youth group was what I looked forward to. Every Wednesday and Sunday my mom had us in church lol. This is where I started to turn and change my views. Things happened at this place that I just didn’t agree with. The way I felt relationships, religion and finances should work were not how this pastor preached. I just wasn’t feeling it. I wouldn’t say I abandoned faith but I didn’t have the same desire to go to church as I did before. 

Eventually, we left that church it just wasn’t for us. Sidenote: I remember growing up I told my meme I wanted to be Jewish lol. I also wanted to be Amish. I might have been a confused child 😂. I haven’t actually found another church home so we’re still kind of on the hunt. I started dating Carlin who didn’t grow up as religious, he believes in God and has all the same values he just didn’t attend church. Carlin is one who believes you don’t have to go to church to prove you believe in God. Which is totally fine. I agree with him, we have attended different services together and still haven’t gotten the feeling that we belong yet. 

I mentioned to Carlin I wanted a bible to start doing devotions together in the mornings before work. I’m so thankful and grateful to be blessed with a man like him and all of the blessings I have in my life. Sometimes I feel like I don’t express that gratitude enough. Baby steps though, we will get there. I believe we will find our church home. One we can grow together in. One we can have our future children grow up in. Until then this beautiful Bible my love bought me will help us to grow as a couple. 

Well, this post was a bit deeper than I normally like to get. I hope you enjoyed and if you made it to the end leave me some of your favorite scriptures to read. 
It is time to seek the Lord. 

Hosea 10:12


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