Following the crowd isn’t always the way to go. 

Most of you who read my posts are around my age I’m assuming, unless your the family that clicks the link when I share on Facebook lol. I feel like once you hit your mid twenties so much is expected from you. Why aren’t you married yet? Why don’t you have babies yet? What about your career? Blah. Blah. Blah. The list could seriously go on lol. 

Up until Carlin proposed we got the same question on a daily basis “when are you two getting married” his reply was always the same “it’s going to happen” lol. Short & sweet. I mean we had been together longer than some of our friends who had gotten engaged or even already married, that sentence right there is the problem…

If we had followed along with all of our friends would we have really been ready? Just because Jack & Jill (no I don’t know a couple named Jack & Jill lol) were engaged after 2 years of dating did that mean we were after 4? Nope! 

We twentysomethings seem to think there’s a timeline or order we should do things. I have to go to college straight out of high school. While in college I have to meet the love of my life. Once I graduate college I must marry my college love, have a career, get married, buy a house. Oh and immediately after getting married we must start filling that house right? I mean obviously because that’s what we bought it for. Duh. & if you’re pushing 30 & still don’t have any of that you’ll probably never find it right? Nooooo. That’s not how this works. Lol. I mean I don’t even know how it works. I’m kinda just living and going with the flow because that’s what’s been making me happy. I’m genuinely happy with my life. I tried college right out of high school wasn’t really feeling it at that time lol. I joined the military instead that’s been pretty beneficial to my life and the path I’m on. I met the boy, we got engaged, & then we bought the house. That brings us to today, we planned a two year engagement. Why? Because weddings are expensive as all hell number one & number two what exactly is the rush? Because Jack & Jill got married in a year we obviously should too right? Duh! Lol. 

The point of it all is we get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. If we had decided to follow the “timeline” if that’s what you wanna call it. We wouldn’t have our home, we might not be happy with our careers and we might not have each other. I think this is also something that causes a lot of problems with other couples that are this age. Are you getting married to beat your friend to the punch? Or are you getting married because you truly love Jack and you’re ready? C’mon Jill what’s the real answer. That’s neither here nor there though. Or maybe that’s another blog post🤔. 

Do what makes YOU happy, when it makes you happy. You’ll hit a few bumps, I sure have. But in the end you’ll be just fine and doing it when you’re ready is even better. It’s like having children, just because you’re “almost 30” doesn’t mean your chances of babies are out the window. I used to think I’d be married by 25 with 2 kids in a nice house (didn’t we all?) lol. Uhhhh I’m 26, no babies & I live in a cool townhouse with my fiancé & our dog. Sounds just as perfect to me. That’s it though it’s perfect for ME. It may not be your cup of tea (or coffee if you’re me lol) but you’ll figure it out…eventually lol. Because all great things take time. Like wine🍷. 

Thanks for reading! 


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