Happy Monday! 🤗

I came across this picture on Pinterest this morning while I was slowly getting ready for work it said “why be moody, when you can shake your booty”. It made me think: why am I sulking around on this beautiful Monday morning?! I’m super blessed! I woke up, I have a job, a nice home & a handsome fiancé that loves me. Why are we so quick to think of the negative things in our lives? Why do we complain every single Monday that it’s Monday? I’ll admit I do it myself at times. Lately, I’ve been trying to see the more positive side of things. Of course we all think the weekend ends to quickly but when do we get over it? There will never be a day between Sunday & Monday, I mean clearly lol. 

So maybe we should try something a little different this Monday, instead of “ugh Monday again” say HAPPY MONDAY! I’m sure there’s someone out there that your cheerful mood, smiling face or even good morning text will make feel 10 times better than they did when they got out of bed this morning. Try it! 

This post was short & hopefully sweet enough to make your Monday more enjoyable!

-Jasmine ☕️

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