Does no degree really mean you can’t be successful? 

Here I am walking into an office full of bachelors, masters & doctorates. What do I have? Some military training… My first thought: how in the heck did I get hired here? Is this a joke? Lol. 

All through school they pound into your brain; you’ll never succeed if you don’t go to college. Well, that’s not necessarily true! Here I am 25 years old absolutely no marketing or communications experience and I’ve landed a dream job for some college graduates. What did I have to offer? My willingness to learn. I walked into that interview like I knew exactly what I was talking about and nailed it. My first day of work I sat down with the director of my team and straight up said I have no idea what any of these medical terms are!

Don’t take this as a don’t go to college type of post. I plan on going back soon! If I want to move further I’m sure I’m going to need it. All I’m saying is I got where I am right now without it. I’m extremely blessed. I also work very hard. The nice thing about my office is everyone knows I don’t have a degree, but I’ve never been treated different or talked down on. My opinion still means something to the team and that’s an amazing feeling. I know walking across a stage is a big deal and that feeling is probably even more amazing but I’m not really here to speak on college. I actually attempted to go to college for all the wrong reasons, I feel like I was almost pressured into it. My boyfriends mom would make comments about him never marrying a girl who didn’t graduate from college and blah blah. I felt at the time if I didn’t attend school we wouldn’t be together. So I enrolled in community college and lasted two semesters, it wasn’t for me at that time. I joined the military shortly after and went from basic combat training to advanced individual training which is sort of like tech school, you go to class to learn a specific MOS (job). Mine was a Human Resources Specialist, once I came home from training after my first drill I was offered a full time job. It was great because I was able to put cool things on my resume that would set me apart from a civilian going up for the same job! From that job I took another full time military job which led me to where I am now! I didn’t mention that to tell you if you don’t go to college join the military, as much as people like to say its the “easy way out” thats a lie! There wasn’t anything easy about conquering fears such as heights or getting on a plane for the first time to go somewhere to be screamed at for the next 6 months of your life lol. But I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. I learned a lot about myself and it strengthened my relationship.

The point of it all is have some confidence in yourself, that job that you don’t think you are qualified enough for APPLY! You can always do more than you think you can, always aim higher. I don’t regret going out for the job that requires a bachelor’s degree that I currently do not have. I found a love for something I knew nothing about. When I was enrolled in school I actually had no idea what I even wanted to study! I wanted to study photography, fashion marketing, PR, and at one point radiology lol. I actually was able to find a career in all this wandering I did lol. Moral of the story don’t let anyone pressure you, march to the beat of your own drum and you will find your way. Most of my closest friends currently don’t have degrees, they’re successful cooks, makeup artists and even in the IT field! Do what makes you happy and it’ll never feel like work.



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