Becoming a coupon addict…

Yessss you read that title correctly, hi my name is Jasmine and I’m addicted to couponing. Seriously, I cannot stop! I look at everything so different when I’m shopping now. I find myself saying “can’t buy that here I have a coupon and it’s 30 cents cheaper at CVS” yep that’s me lol. Sunday mornings I’ll wake up, grab the paper and start texting my mom the deals I found, her response is “it’s too early for your shit” lol. But guess who needed some laundry detergent from my stockpile this weekend? She did!

I haven’t become some coupon guru by any means but I’m all about saving money and I’ve done really good so far. I had someone..ahem Jahmee*…request a blog post on couponing so here it is! I’m going to do my best to explain exactly how I’ve figured out this whole coupon game.

Okay so throwback to when I would clip coupons for my mom and she would just leave them on the counter every time she went to the store. DON’T DO THAT! What I found works for me is Sunday morning I grab a paper. While I’m in my car I’ll just browse the ads to see what’s good. I made the biggest mistake one Sunday and bought four papers. There was literally maybe 3 good coupons in that one. I was so mad. In my defense it was my first weekend trying it out so I didn’t really think it through. But Sunday papers are $3.00 a piece that’s money I could be using towards my stockpile!

So anyway I guess tip #1 browse before you buy! I know technically you shouldn’t but it’s money we’re spending here and the goal is to SAVE duh! #2 stay organized when you’re cutting your coupons develop a method that works best for you. Personally, I look through the inserts and cut only what I know we’re going to use. My fiancé is a bit of a brand snob so we would end up wasting more money if I buy a certain brand of something he won’t touch. I’ve watched the show where these people buy EVERYTHING no matter what the brand is and buy 30 of it. I’m not into that and Carlin would probably have a fit! Organization is key though. I’ve walked into CVS coupons in a plastic bag a hot mess! Literally dropping them on the floor, going from the toothpaste aisle to detergent and right back to toothpaste because coupons were everywhere. There’s the baseball card and binder method, those little coupon accordions you can find at Target there’s plenty of ways to organize. Choose what best suits you. I find planning my trip ahead & labeling the envelope by store is what works best for me. Which leads me to #3 plan ahead. After you’ve decided which products you’re clipping look through the store inserts and look online. Compare the price of said product at each store, also see if the store is running a deal for instance Target sometimes does the spend $20 on a specific beauty product & receive a gift card. If you have coupons for that specific product you can end up saving even bigger. CVS has become my favorite place to go because of CVS cash. You get money back from buying whatever is on their list that week. The nice thing about it is the coupons in the paper usually go along with that so its a win win.

Below is a picture of a haul I recently did. About $55 for everything! 

Along with the manufacturers coupons which are the ones you cut from the newspaper, there are apps and websites you can use. and are two that I frequent. As far as apps on my phone I have CVS, Dollar General, Cartwheel by Target and Ibotta. I use CVS and Cartwheel the most. The Cartwheel app gives you a certain percentage off certain products, pair that with manufacturers coupons and another option is the Target Red Card that ends up being triple the savings! With the CVS app they have digital coupons that you can load onto your card and double with the manufacturers, this is also how you earn your CVS Cash! Same with the Dollar General!

Find yourself a couponing partner it makes your trips fun. I spent 2 hours in CVS this weekend and actually had so much fun. It’s also nice because you have someone to trade coupons and hook you up with coupons lol. 

Do what works best for you and I’m always here to answer any questions! I found couponing to actually be so much fun! 


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