Dear Hubby to be, 

Hey..I’m sure you’re reading this like you do all my blog posts. Even the ones that have no interest to you at all, but you read them because you support me in everything I do. Every silly idea I have, every project I fail to finish. You’ve showed me nothing but support & I thank you for that. When you came into my life I wasn’t expecting to fall for you as hard as I did. A summer fling or just a good friend. You know how it goes. You quickly became my world, I mean there were very few days we spent apart. If we were apart, my eyes were glued to the phone waiting for your text or phone call. 

You know I prayed for exactly what I have now. Of course I didn’t know it would be you lol. But you & this life we’ve only just begun creating together is exactly what I’ve always wanted. I prayed to wake up next to someone every morning excited about life. Someone who knows everything about me including the most embarrassing moments in my life but doesn’t care. Someone to love me for everything I am & yet to be. Someone to create a home I feel safe in with. You are all of these things & more. I can’t imagine a day without you. 

I promise to be the best wife I can be. I also promise to never make you pierogies  & hot dogs for dinner because I’m feeling lazy 😏 You deserve the world. I can’t wait to embark on this next chapter of our lives together. 

I love you forever, 

Your future wife ♥️

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