#CarterPartyOfTwo – Wedding Blog #1

👋🏽 Remember that blog like a long time ago (because I totally suck at blogging) where I said I wanted to do a series of wedding blogs? Well technically we didn’t jump into wedding planning until recently sooooo here comes the wedding blogs! 

First of all wedding planning is NOT easy at all! There isn’t one thing that’s easy about it lol. Like not one! Which is probably why it took us so long to even get started! There’s a ton of apps to download that help along the way & give you checklists & timelines based on the date that you choose. I’m going to admit we use the checklists but don’t necessarily follow the timeline lol. One of my bridesmaids got me a really handy binder from The Knot I’ll link it here. That is extremely helpful! One of my other bridesmaids showers me with wedding magazines & cool books to help plan as well! I’ll say I picked some good ladies 😍 that was actually step one. We picked our wedding party pretty early! Of course it was easy for Carlin lol. 

Next we started on the guest list. This is actually really hard for me because I feel the need to invite anyone I’ve ever known lol. Wrong idea! In the handy little wedding binder it gives you a checklist for a guest you may be on the fence about inviting. We used that method & to be honest family or not if we haven’t spoken in the past few years it’s probably not necessary to invite ya. I know that sounds super harsh 😬. It’s a wedding not a reunion lol. We’re still currently working on the guest list which is why I’m glad we started on it so early. 

The most exciting thing we’ve done so far is check out venues & I’m so happy to say WE FOUND OUR VENUE!!! 😍 If you actually know Carlin or myself you’ll know that when we want something we know EXACTLY what we want. That made choosing the venue so much easier. We were both on the same page about what we wanted, it also made the list of venues to see smaller. We didn’t have to look at as many because we had a specific look in mind. We found that & more in the venue we chose & we couldn’t be happier about it! 

There’s so much more on the list but we’ve got some time, we’re slowly checking things off & having fun at the same time! That’s been the key to making this process less stressful: HAVE FUN! 💍 


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