The Shoe Lifesaver! 

I absolutely love white sneakers, but they’re never white for long! I had a pair of white Vans that I was obsessed with. My dog decided he wanted to run away in the rain & I thought they were ruined after chasing him down in them 🙄 but this stuff SAVED my shoes so I wanted to share with you all! Carlin had a pair of $190 Timberland boots that he wore one time in a club & they were stepped all over & destroyed, this stuff made them look brand new! 

It’s called Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner, we picked ours up for around $20 at Sneaker Villa but it can be ordered online as well here

Here’s the white shoes side by side. One before & one after. 


  1. Wet the brush that comes with the kit. 
  2. Shake the excess water off the brush. 
  3. Add the solution directly to the brush. 
  4. Dip the brush in a bowl of water. 
  5. Shake again.
  6. Scrub your kicks!

On suede shoes you want to scrub lighter then dry with a microfiber towel in a press & twist motion. Let it dry for a day & then brush the suede in one direction to bring it back to life! 



By the way thank Carlin for this post because it was all his idea❤️



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