Omg soooo I haven’t posted a blog in MONTHS! I know, I suck. But soooo much has happened in my life it’s insane! Soooo I’m just gonna catch y’all up on that!

First of all I GOT ENGAGED! I know crazy lol. I’m not gonna go too much in detail because that’s a blog post in itself lol…wedding series? Lol. Wedding planning was pretty much put on hold because we decided it was time to BUY A HOUSE lol. See, when I said I had a lot going on I wasn’t lyin! Technically we bought a townhouse but whatever. It’s perfect for us! The process wasn’t the greatest but ya gotta roll with the punches sometimes. We are extremely happy with our first home & im pretty sure Zizou loves it too. I always dreamed of a front porch, back porch, deck or balcony to wake up & drink my coffee on & now I’ve got it! I also was able to bargain for the spare room as my closet if Carlin got the basement as his man cave. I’m down with that! 

We’re finally settled in & getting into the swing of it all. I couldn’t be happier with my life right now. We’re extremely blessed with the opportunities that have been coming our way. Now if only I could keep up with this blog I’d be even happier lol. Seriously, that was my goal in 2016 to gain more confidence in myself & post more blogs. I just get second thoughts like who cares what I’m writing & who is going to take the time to read this entire post about my life. But who cares right? There will be plenty of people who love & hate you throughout your life. You have to do what makes you happy & this makes me happy.

I’ve got a younger cousin who also started a blog because she liked reading mine, by the way you should totally follow her blog. She’s a great writer! Check her out here! Recently we’ve sort of reconnected. It’s amazing when you think oh they’re so much younger than you what could you possibly have in common? Ummm how about EVERYTHING lol. She’s like a mini me but not mini because she’s a grown woman now lol. Which also is super weird because I babysat her & now she’s an adult. I now understand what it feels like to “feel old” lol. I went on a rant with all that to basically say you never know who is watching you or looking up to you. You never know who you’re inspiring. When you think your boring blog isn’t being looked at, you could be so wrong! I challenged myself to do something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time but was so afraid of the outcome & I inspired someone else. 

So I’m going to challenge anyone who made it through to the end of this post to do something you’ve always wanted to but were too afraid! 

6 thoughts on “M.I.A 

  1. emily lozado says:

    This is actually really awesome. I read the whole thing, right now in my life I have a lot going on. From adjusting to the Florida life to learning how to be a wife lol. But as we speak I am going through a challenge. I’ve been in the process of getting a scholarship for the police academy. Just passed my interview😊😊😊. So let’s see what’s next. But for this year, that would be my challenge…to become a police officer. Thanks for updating !

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    • coffeecupsnmessybuns says:

      Thank you! & congratulations! you’ll make a great police officer! I bet the police academy will be so much better than AIT 😂 lol. But I feel you on the having a lot going on! Life has been coming at me fast lately but it’s awesome & in a few months I’ll be coming to you on how to adjust to being a wife! Haha. Congratulations on everything!! ❤️


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