New Year, New Workout Gear!

  Disclaimer* I am by NO MEANS a workout junkie, guru, instructor, avid gym goer or anything of that sort! 

But like everyone else we all know I did make a vow to workout more than ever now! Not because it’s a new year & that was a resolution on my list but because I have a wedding dress I wanna look good in & need to get back to me after basic training bod! Hahaha. Seriously though this post isn’t about anything except the clothes & accesories that I like! So check out the items I’ve linked! Also, let me know some of your favorites! I love shopping for new accesories & clothes for the gym! 

Quick tip – SHOP THE OUTLETS! Not only is it much cheaper than the regular store but nine times out of ten they’re offering a sale or discount of some sort! I’ve purchased $80 half zips in the Nike outlet for under $20 & leggings for $10. So it’s definitely possible, you just have to look! 

Exact or similar items linked below ⬇️

  1. S’well water bottle
  2. iPhone arm band 
  3. Earbuds
  4. Under Armour Dri-Fit hoodie
  5. Under Armour headband 
  6. Nike Dri-Fit half zip
  7. Nike Dri-Fit leggings
  8. Nike Sports bra
  9. Asics gel running shoes


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