Well Zizou is here!!! We picked our new addition up on Thursday of last week. I was way to excited to be at work all day so luckily my boss was like “get outta here”. If you read my last blog post you’d know that we were adopting a dog. He’s a year old & a Doberman Pinscher Hound mix & I’m OBSESSED! 😍 it hasn’t even been a week yet & I’m already in love. 

We were fully prepared for things to be broken, shelves knocked over, & to be cleaning up little accidents. But Zizou totally shocked up! In the shelter homeboy was jumping 5ft in the air & couldn’t sit still to save his life. At home, TOTAL OPPOSITE! It’s like he was already trained we are really lucky. I wanted a lap dog & I got one, a 50lb lap dog lol.  

We put up our Christmas tree & he hasn’t touched it once! He lets us know when he needs to go out & when we say get in the crate, he walks right over! We couldn’t have picked a better dog! 
He even lets us put clothes on him!  

 My phone of course is FILLED with pictures already!

Getting him to eat has been tough. We’re not sure if he doesn’t like the food or if he’s still trying to get used to his new home. Sometimes the only way to get him to eat is to sit down on the floor with him! Which is something we don’t want him to get used to so we have to cut that out fast!

We really are so happy to have him! Everyone who has visited is just as much in love as we are! I’d much rather be at home cuddled on the couch with Z then at this desk right now but ya know, gotta adult or whatever lol. It’s only a 3-day week! 

Thanksgiving is Thursday & while I’m very thankful for my family, friends & health. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to give this pup a good forever home with two loving dog parents 😍 

Happy Monday! 



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