Adopting a puppy! 

So let’s start off by saying how badly I’ve slacked on blogging! I’ve been super busy & haven’t really had much time to fit it in. 😩 but I’ve got some exciting news! We’re adopting a puppy! We’re so excited to bring him home next week & give him a good home! 

We knew we wanted a pet for awhile now but Carlin & I just couldn’t agree on the size. I wanted a small little purse dog that probably costs as much as my car & he wanted a big mastiff that would probably take up more space than our condo would provide lol! So we decided we would start with a kitten, yeah neither one of us are kitten kinda people. I mean they’re the cutest little things ever. Especially the one we were going to pick up. I actually talked Carlin & myself into being so excited for the little guy! He was soooo cute! Gray with a white stripe going down his face & he was chunky which made him even cuter! I went out & bought a bunch of toys & food for him & was so ready to bring him home. Excited for like 2 days lol. Well we get to the house to grab him & my vibe immediately changed…

First things first, if you’re giving, selling or whatever the case may be any kind of animal to anyone make sure you notify them ahead of time if anything is wrong with the animal! Whether it’s a big or small issue. Out of respect for them it’s the right thing to do! I was told after walking into the house that the kitten had fleas.  Not just a few fleas, a ton of them. They said they could get them off by giving him a bath & don’t worry they’d be gone in a few days. Earlier that day a friend of mine warned me not to take the kitten if he had fleas because that’s an issue I didn’t want to bring into my home. I couldn’t leave that kitten there so after washing him I put him in a crate & brought him home. As soon as Carlin took a look at him (still in the crate) a flea goes crawling across his face. So the poor little guy was taken back to where he came from lol. That might offend some people but I had no other choice. I didn’t want to risk having to bomb my entire place over a small kitten! 

After that little incident we were over the cat phase & back to talking about dogs lol. We decided to go to the Humane Society because that’s where Carlin had gotten all of his dogs from. Normally there’s only pits there, I’m not opposed to a pit but it wasn’t number one on my list. That would be a bichon frise lol. We didn’t really expect to find a dog. We just thought we’d look & that’s it. We each found one we liked though lol. Unfortunately, the puppy I wanted to see wasn’t available. He needed to go to a owner who had experience with a pup like him. He was kept locked up & is scared of everything. Very nervous & not good around other pets or people for that matter. So he wouldn’t have been a good fit for us. So that means Carlin got his way & won the battle. We took the dog he loved into a little room to play with him. They have him named Banjo Kazooie, no that name will not be sticking around lol. He really is the sweetest thing! He never barked when we were walking through the kennels! When we had him in the room he didn’t bark at all! He’s obsessed with tennis balls. Good thing I went through a phase this summer where I wanted to play tennis & bought a whole case of balls because he loves them lol. 

There’s our first family picture lol. 

Carlin immediately fell in love & could not wait to fill out the paperwork. We were approved right away & set up everything to be able to bring him home on Thursday 11/19. I’m so excited to give this little cutie a forever home! He’s so sweet. He’s definitely going to need a lot of training! Being a stray he obviously wasn’t taught much of anything. But we’re prepared to give him everything he needs. He’s actually already a spoiled little pup! 

Our parents are just as excited as we are! Carlins mom has already spent a pretty penny on him! He’s not even home yet & already very loved! I mean he has 4 coats & 3 collars already lol he’s going to be very stylish! 

Like I said earlier the name Banjo Kazooie was not sticking around. Carlin wanted to name him Zizou (ZeeZoo) after his favorite soccer player Zinedine Zadane (I most likely spelled that wrong) lol. Also he’s a Doberman Pinscher Hound mix. He’s about a year or so. We will know his age once they fix him. The nice thing about rescuing is before we pick him up he will be up to date on all of his shots & fixed, also just being able to rescue is a plus! 

So meet Zizou & be prepared for a ton of puppy pictures on all social media! Also thinking of doing a little blog segment on his progress! 


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