We decided to hit the mall for a few returns & of course If you’re with someone who has never witnessed a bath bomb & all its glory then you have to take them in & show them! In this case it was Carlins mom, she had never been inside a Lush before. So I took her in gave her the tour & grabbed an employee to show her how the stuff worked because I knew she’d have a bunch of questions. The worker was really nice, he showed a bath bomb & a bubble bar & how they mix to make cool colors & the glitters in them appear in the water. Some of the bombs & bars you can mix make the most beautiful colors. I love it!    
Yes that’s a gel soap formed into a bat lol. Only at lush. Part of the fall/Halloween collection! It’s super moisturizing & even though I’m late getting this post up I’m sure there’s still time to get to the closest Lush! 

These pumpkin bubble bars were so cute! My boyfriends mom actually surprised me with one later on. After she had a bunch of questions we ended up outside on a bench lol. The glitter on the pumpkins is a mess & it will get all over you but it’s worth it. For that bubble bath!

These are the bath bombs, there’s so many to choose from. Big Blue is one of my faves along with Sex Bomb! Avo Bath is great too! Actually, they’re all great. You need them all lol. 

There’s not just bath bombs & bubble bars. Lush has a ton of all natural products even toothpaste! Shampoos, Conditioner, dry shampoos & moisturizers are among some of their popular items! I feel like I highly recommend a lot but I really do mean it when I say that lol. I’m only recommending things I’ve actually purchased & used myself. All real over here! Lush products make perfect gifts as well! So this post might make a perfect gift idea since the holidays are quickly approaching! 

So head to Lush! At least get the bubble show lol! 


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