A beautiful Saturday in Midtown. 

Can we start off by talking about the weather on Saturday?! It was BEAUTIFUL! I started my day with of course coffee duh & watched hocus pocus lol!

 Then my BFF Nina shows up at the door with coffee in hand & we decided to spend the day shopping & browsing the local farmers market! So here’s a few pics from my Saturday!

Outfit Details: Jean top (GAP), brunch t shirt (Pacsun), leggings (NIKE), sneakers (NIKE Rosche), purse (Marshalls)


We stopped at the farmers market first where we picked up tons of pumpkins, Brussel sprouts (for roasted Brussel sprouts), strawberries & olives.


Then we decided to have brunch at The Kitchen & Gallery Bar at HMAC. The food there is great! We had the philly cheese steak French fries & fried egg grilled cheese. Of course we threw in some apple cider beer!

Fall is here & I couldn’t be more excited! The weather has been perfect & strolling through the city was so much fun!


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