Relaxxxx, the weekend is almost here!


HUMP DAY! Or as I like to say Wine Wednesday! The weekend is almost here so what better way to celebrate then with a glass of wine…or 3 whatever you’re feeling! Go grab a glass & enjoy!

So blogging isn’t as easy as I thought it might be, posts just don’t pop into your head & even when they do it doesn’t always come out the way you intended it to. For instance today, I was going to do a post naming a few ways to unwind in the middle of the week. I had my entire post my head & then once I sat in front of the computer I couldn’t type it out! I mean I can still tell you all the things I had in mind or all the ways I like to unwind but it’s not going to look as pretty as I had originally planned, but like I said it’s a work in progress & I’m new to this!

  1. Light a candle. Because a fall candle from Bath & Body works makes everything better. Go buy Sweater Weather & you’ll instantly feel cozy, I promise! It’s my favorite candle to burn during the Fall season.
  2. Make some tea. As much as I promote coffee, I can’t drink it before bed or I’d probably be running around the house all night. I don’t think my neighbors or Carlin would like that very much. It’s like this one time I took pre workout before the gym, I didn’t sleep for 3 days! So coffee is a no no, but tea is great! Peppermint tea is my favorite but the tea aisle in any grocery store is full of tons of flavors.
  3. Take a bath. Theres no better way to unwind then with a bath & add a bath bomb from lush & that makes it even better! Not only do you feel clean but you’re so relaxed, just a simple way to mellow yourself out in the evening.
  4. Read a book. Put away your phone (unless your checking my blog of course lol). But seriously, put the phone away at night. You may think checking your social media is a way to relax but it’s not, your mind is just wondering & you’ll be awake even longer than you want because you can’t seem to put away the internet. If you’re alarm is set to wake you up the next day you’re good to go.

These are just 4 quick ways to unwind there’s obviously tons more but not everyone has that kind of time on their hands in the evening! I have a friend who will literally take a bath every single night thats just her way of relaxing after the stress of work & kids. So everyone is different but I recommend trying a few of my quick tips! Especially putting away the phone, I don’t know about you but I like to go to bed with a clear mind & Pinterest always has a way of keeping my mind running!



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