Fall is here so that means Pumpkin everything, vests, dark lips & booties! This list is only 5 of my Fall must haves, there are so much more but theres so much time! It’s only the beginning of the season! For the sake of two blog posts in one rainy day I kept it simple with 5. Soooo here they are!!

  1. LIPSTICK – With Fall here its time to put away the bright pinks & oranges & bring out the red & dark lippies! I’m showing 3 here the red is L’oreal Collection Exclusive Blake’s Red, not only is this Blake Lively’s red lip of choice but it is literally PERFECT on any skin tone! From pale to deep! I’ve been reaching for this color daily. The 2nd color is Revlon’s Creme 477 Black Cherry, another staple its a deep burgundy but not too dark & applies great without a lipliner (which I love for those mornings you’re in a rush & lipliner just isn’t a thing). The 3rd is a classic, MAC Diva! I don’t have to say much about this perfect Fall shade, it goes with anything & you just need to add it to your collection!
  2. PERFUME – When I’m browsing through some of my favorite blogs scents are never mentioned which surprises me! I picked this scent up from Urban Outfitters & here I am about to be one of those stereotypical people thats saying how great something smells & you’re probably reading this like what the heck, but I cannot explain it! I wanna say its a rustic citrus scent which sounds so weird, I know but its great! & the price is even better less than $20!
  3. BLANKET SCARVES & BASEBALL CAPS – Okay so I totally cheated here & put 2 items in one block but they both start with B so I feel like its okay…maybe not but we’re gonna just go with it! Anyway, blanket scarves just keep making a comeback every Fall & I love it! You can literally get them everywhere Target, Forever 21, Zara, etc. & you can’t go wrong with a blanket scarf, throw it over the most basic outfit & you’re good to go! Baseball caps are my own guilty pleasure, you never know if I’m having a bad hair day because I will grab the cutest cap I can find & cover it all up! They’re just great!
  4. VESTS – My all time favorite Fall item! I have a serious obsession with vests, it might actually be a problem! If I walk into J Crew during this season & don’t buy a vest I probably just wasn’t feeling good that day or I lost my wallet because vests are my thing! Old Navy has a great selection of colors as well & the quality is great! I recommend checking Old Navy if you’re not up to spending J Crew money!
  5. BOOTIES – Last but certainly not least booties & believe it or not every pair pictured is from Target! Ugh, what would we do without Target? The chelsea boots were a STEAL! I picked these up from Goodwill! Never worn because Goodwill I guess has a contract with Target where they buy last seasons items, returns or if there is just too many of that particular item to sell in their store. I love this little deal they’ve got going because I had my eye on those shoes in store & picked them up for $10! Yeah when I said they were a steal I wasn’t kidding! So definitely check the local Goodwill for great deals!

Like I said there are waaaay more than 5 Fall Faves in my book but I feel like it’s not really Fall without any of these things. & I probably don’t leave the house without one if not all haha! & a coffee because technically it’s still national coffee day & I’m still drinking coffee!



5 thoughts on “TOP 5 FALL FAVES & MUST HAVES!

  1. Milan says:

    I absolutely loved this blog post & love the fact that you actually shop for deals & aren’t pointing people in the direction of expensive things…
    Like you said goodwill you can find some cheap good finds/deals & you definitely gave me the name of the lipstick color I’ve been looking for (black cherry!)!!!
    Thank You & I can’t wait to read more from you, definitely had to bookmark your blog lol

    Liked by 1 person

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