First blog post just so happens to be coming to you on National Coffee Day! which might I add is the only one of those newly made up days I celebrate. I’ve wanted to start a blog since, well forever but I’ve asked myself a million times who would even read what I have to say? I have a lot to say & I guess it doesn’t really matter to me who takes the time out of their day to read it & who doesn’t lol. I mean that in the nicest way possible though! Although, a good 90% of the time you’ll find me in a pair of yoga pants & a t-shirt, my closet just so happens to be full of amazing pieces. I just prefer comfort! But I can promise you I can have you styled in less than 30 minutes for any sort of event!

Fashion has always been a passion of mine, I can remember back in 7th grade I used to cut my clothes up & it’d really make my mom mad. Brand new shirts & jeans but I would no doubt wear them with pride! Designing was never my strong point & I quickly realized that so I switched to putting outfits together all the time. I would change my outfit at least six times a day, something else that really made my mom mad because at this point she was still doing my laundry lol. But I was good at it, & my friends always looked to me for advice. So what better way to share EVERYTHING than with a blog!

I don’t just like fashion though! Home decor, DIYs, Recipes & just LIFE as a whole will also be featured on the blog! I’m really excited to finally put myself out there & get this thing off the ground! I guess we will see where the blogger life takes me. No better time like the present to start! Especially since it’s Fall! Everything is better during the Fall season! So even though it seemed like this post had absolutely nothing to do with National Coffee Day I was drinking a huge cup of salted caramel coffee while typing this out, so I think that counts for something!



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